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Dr. Zackrison is the type of doctor that makes you wish everyone you loved had an incredible doctor like her. After falling ill and receiving no answers from numerous specialists, I found Dr. Z. She listened to me and took my concerns seriously. After running appropriate tests, she diagnosed my illness that other doctors repeatedly overlooked. If it weren’t for Dr. Z, I can’t imagine where I would be. Because of her, I have my life back. I am able to continue with a career I love, and most importantly, take care of my family.


…In 2006 I was bedridden, unable to work and unable to care for my husband and two children. I had been to several doctors prior to Dr. Z none of which were able to diagnose or treat me. I was diagnosed with Lyme disease... It has been quite a journey since then. Dr. Z has been there educating me about my body and treatment options, encouraging me to be proactive with my health and sharing the latest research with me. It is because of her support that I am now able to work and care for my family. Dr. Z is an amazing doctor. She is always educating herself on the latest advances in medicine and truly has a passion for seeing her patients get well. Nothing lights up her face like a praise report from her patients. I have been blessed to have her as my doctor.


She has been able to identify acute and chronic tick borne diseases, viruses, bacteria and parasites that have caused my total disability. I have lost my ability to work and have limited interaction with my family, friends and community because of these medical conditions.

Dr. Zackrison’s drive and desire to help heal her patients is a courageous act of compassion. Her tenacity to take on the most difficult and challenging patients is a commitment to be praised, not punished. For me, I can honestly say she has saved my life and given me a fighting chance to regain my health and fulfill my God given destiny in this world.


Dr. Zackrison is a brilliant doctor who has been willing to treat those many patients suffering with long term chronic illnesses who many doctors have turned their backs on. She is well educated, well informed, responsible, caring and compassionate. It is truly a tragedy that this is happening to her as she should be applauded, celebrated and rewarded for her compassionate and comprehensive care for those weak and ill among our population. Dr. Zackrison and her staff listened and cared for my many diverse and difficult symptoms and diagnosis. In all truth, she is an amazing physician and my hope is that the truth of her value and worth will shine through…and hope she can practice medicine for many, many more years.


Thank God for Dr. Zackrison! She has given me my life back!! Through her treatment protocols for me, I am now pain free and enjoying life again. She has dedicated her life to treating her patients when no other doctors in my area even know how to treat Lyme disease.


If it weren’t for Dr. Zackrison and her NPs, I would probably be in a rest home with “early onset Alzheimer’s” as other doctors seemed unable to detect that Lyme was causing the memory problems I was having. After only two weeks of treatment I had already regained some memory and by sticking with her treatment program, was able to recover fully. I thank God daily for having led me to her and I pray that many others will be able to benefit from her treatment as I have.


Dr. Z saved my life. I was active duty Army back in 2007 and VERY sick. The army misdiagnosed me so many times I can’t count. Finally treated me for 28 days with IV ABs and would do no more…. The Army would not treat me further and said there was “no such thing as chronic Lyme disease”. I could either crawl off into a corner and die or keep fighting. My wife ran into someone who had experience with the same strange symptoms that I had and referred me to Dr. Z. She treated me aggressively and I came back from the brink. I owe everything to her.


Dr. Z is an amazing doctor in multiple ways. How many doctors in this universe start their day at 5 a.m. so they are thoroughly acquainted with the background of that day’s patients so as to best outline their treatment plan?? And she is an outstanding communicator, welcoming questions and thoroughly explaining her recommendations. If further tests or medications are required, she makes sure you know exactly why. And she wants us to email her with updates on our progress so she can monitor our treatment between visits. Absolutely unique! It is a privilege to have her as my doctor.


I relocated across country a year ago to consult with Dr. Z after the best Lyme specialists on the West Coast could not “crack my case” and rid my body of this debilitating Lyme disease even after 6 years of trying. With exacting tests and amazing insight born of her many years of careful observation and experience, she was quickly able to identify the underlying reasons I was not responding to treatment — and map out a plan for my recovery. In all my 60-plus years Dr. Z is by far the most scientifically brilliant, dedicated, and compassionate doctor I’ve ever met. She goes to the nth degree to understand each patient’s unique needs — her efforts are nothing less than heroic. I can only hope she will soon be honored for her contribution to the field of treating Lyme and other very difficult diseases, and not be maligned by “those who know not what they do.”


When I entered her practice my health had declined so rapidly I left work on disability, unable to function personally or professionally; largely bedridden. My symptoms were too numerous to recount, was hospitalized several occasions, and had been misdiagnosed and mistreated. Dr. Z has been a God-sent. Where I had lost hope, I can see some light at the end of the tunnel…


Dr. Zackrison is by far the most thorough, most dedicated, and most competent physician I have had the privilege of having. I was very sick and frightened in the fall of 2013 with multiple health problems that came on very suddenly. Numerous other physicians, specialists, and emergency room clinicians could not diagnose or treat the problems — which were multi-systemic. Dr. Z performed extensive tests beyond what most doctors even know about — and came up with a multi-layered treatment plan to address multiple causes of what was going on in my body. I saw immediate improvements within a few weeks and have continued to improve over time by adhering to her recommended treatment plans, which she and her team have adjusted as needed to accommodate my individual response. Had it not been for Dr. Z and her team, I would probably be unable to work or function and still searching for answers…doctors like Dr. Z who are dedicated… As a patient, I have the right to continue treatment with the physician whose judgment and experience I trust and whose treatments have worked for me! And I plan to tell my Congressional representatives.


Dr. Zackrison is the best doctor ever!!! I had multiple diseases and she got rid of them all!! She is the best!!


I was referred to Dr. Zackrison in 2007 for treatment for Lyme disease and other auto-immune problems. She has helped me immeasurably – from medications to resolve near failure of a number of major organs in early visits to treatments leading to improvements in Lyme disease symptoms, arthritis, and numerous health complications. Due to her efforts, my immune system has improved to the extent that I can schedule cornea transplant surgery to correct an inherited disease. Because of her unending commitment to finding answers to health issues, I am still alive today. Thank you Dr. Z.


Without Dr. Zackrison, I would be 100% disabled if I were still alive at all. I had severe rheumatoid arthritis. She found and treated every illness possible and brought me to full remission. I enjoy a full and very active life today thanks to Dr. Zackrison.

What can we say to make these witch hunts cease?

Susan P.

I found Dr. Z through an online Lyme support…and I truly feel that she saved my life. Dr. Z is a caring and highly intelligent doctor.


My wife and I have no doubt that Dr. Zackrison saved our daughter’s life. We were referred to Dr. Z by a friend when our then 13-year old daughter was crashing hard. Despite positive Lyme blood tests, her pediatrician and doctors at three prominent local hospitals said it couldn’t be Lyme because she didn’t have the classic symptoms. We’ve all encountered that nonsense. By the time we got to Dr. Z, our daughter was paralyzed from the waist down and had a host of other significant problems. As is the case for many of us, we could write a book about her journey. But from the very beginning, Dr. Zackrison was frank, informative, caring, patient – and gave us hope. … there were at least two occasions where her condition was so acute that we almost lost her. Without Dr. Z, our daughter would have died.

She encouraged us to do our own research and has sent us to other specialists when she felt she was out of her area of expertise. Every decision made regarding our daughter’s treatment was OUR decision, based on fully informed consent.


I started seeing Dr. Zackrison in 2007 after being diagnosed with Lyme disease and co-infections. I have know doubt that she and her staff saved my life. She is by far the best doctor I’ve ever seen and I’ve seen more then my share. She is caring and very compassionate. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone. She has a special place in my heart and I would defend her to the ends of the earth. God Bless you Dr. Z.


I saw Dr. Zackrison for chronic back pain that had worsened over a four year period. At 45, I was walking stooped over more and more. No one had been able to address the problem. My wife was in treatment with Dr. Z for Lyme and suggested that I get a consult. Dr. Z’s approach was different than those I’d experienced in years of seeking help for the problem. The treatment worked as outlined and I have been pain free, with full motion since that time — over 12 years. Since that time, her approach has broadened, particularly in Europe.


Dr. Zackrison is the most informed, intelligent, caring doctor I have ever met – and I’ve been to many, many doctors in my lifetime. I’d been suffering for 8 years with Lyme disease before I found Dr. Z. There were many doctors who completely missed the obvious Lyme symptoms, but until I found Dr. Z, I was wasting time and throwing money down the drain because my previous doctors didn’t know what they were doing. When I developed debilitating RA symptoms, I finally found Dr. Z and she has treated me for Lyme, RA and many conditions related to Lyme that I didn’t know I had. I don’t know what I would have done without Dr. Z, she saved my life. She is truly gifted and should be able to use her gifts to continue treating Lyme patients using her proven methods.

Susan O.

In May 2010, I experienced a sudden onset of muscle pain around the joints in my legs, arms and shoulders. On June 10, 2010, I was diagnosed with Lyme disease as indicated in a LabCorp blood test requested by my general practitioner. He prescribed 6 weeks of Doxycycline. During that time I was feeling progressively worse, and told the Doctor so at my third visit. He told me that I must have something other than Lyme since the Doxycycline did not cure me. He then gave me a referral to a rheumatologist.
Strongly suspecting that Lyme was still my problem, not rheumatoid arthritis, I sought out a physician with Lyme experience/ expertise in the Washington DC metro area. I found Doctor Zackrison and made my first appointment in September. Dr. Zackrison immediately ordered a number of blood tests to get a picture of my complete physical state. The blood tests again came back positive for Lyme, and Dr. Z began a systematic treatment of the Lyme, along with other co-infections that were present. It took a year, but the protocol that Dr. Z used proved to be very successful and the key to my health today. It is not an exaggeration to say she saved my quality of life, if not my life itself. I hate to think what would have happened if I had not found her practice when I did.


In August 2005, I became ill overnight with severe brain fog, fatigue and migratory joint pain. I tested positive for Lyme. Over the next 5 months, I was treated homeopathically and the brain fog cleared up but the joint pain and swelling went systemic affecting all of my joints except hips and spine. My joints were so inflamed I could not open my mouth to eat. I was diagnosed with a severe form of rheumatoid arthritis and methotrexate was recommended. Intuitively, I knew that suppressing my immune system with methotrexate would kill me. I was inflamed throughout my entire body. I researched and learned of infectious causes to R.A. I learned about Dr. Thomas M. Brown’s research which revealed infectious causes to R.A. Over the next year, I worked with a rheumatologist who was very angry that I refused the methotrexate and requested low dose minocycline instead, but he did give it to me. I also began to work with a medical doctor who practices functional (alternative) medicine. These measures were somewhat helpful but I was still very sick and inflamed.

Then in June 2007, I found Dr. Zackrison. She is a rheumatologist who believes in ongoing infections as a possible trigger for auto-immune disorders. Until finding her, I could not get anyone to run blood tests to see if I indeed had mycoplasma and/or strep. Both of these infections as well as Lyme have been proven to cause R.A.

Dr. Zackrison not only tested me for Mycoplasma and Strep, but a host of other infections and I was positive for approximately 30 bacterias, viruses and parasites including Babesia Ducani. We began antibiotics and supplements and followed a diet based upon testing for food sensitivities. Within 7 months I was pain free and fully functional. It took several years to clear all the microbes but during that time and to this day, I enjoy full health and lifestyle. I ride horses, so fully functional means able to engage in strenuous physical activity. My husband and I retired this year, but prior to retirement, we owned an insurance agency and I worked full-time.

I have met so many others with rheumatoid arthritis that went the conventional treatment route and not one of them is doing well. Their joints are deformed and their lives are restricted. They live with pain and surgeries.

Thank you so much Dr. Zackrison for seeking and treating causes to my rheumatoid arthritis instead of just treating symptoms with drugs that give me no hope of recovery.

To the Virginia Medical Review Board. You fear that Dr. Zackrison is endangering the lives of her patients, yet the drugs approved by the field of rheumatology and used routinely are very dangerous with low success rates and high risk of death. Enbrel even states in its literature “THIS DRUG CAN KILL YOU. PEOPLE HAVE DIED FROM USING THIS DRUG.” And yet, you have no issue with the lifelong treatment protocol using these dangerous drugs. Many people do die early deaths because of treatment. Why then, do you have a problem with the use of antibiotics and supplements and alternative care treatment?

Why are you determined to take away a patient’s choice in how they want to be treated? Long before I found Dr. Zackrison, I was rejecting the deadly rheumatoid drugs and seeking a way to identify and remove the triggers in me that were driving my immune system into overdrive. It was my preferred way of treatment for my illness. Dr. Zackrison did nothing to me without my full consent and she did a wonderful job of informing me of the risks, the advantages, the options available to me and shared fully my tests results and what they mean.

At no time did I blindly follow Dr. Zackrison or any of the other doctors I employed. This is my body and ultimately my decision how I would approach healing. I thank God for doctors like Dr. Zackrison who are willing to identify and treat possible causes to illness instead of just treating symptoms.

Please, allow patients the ability to choose how they will treat their illnesses. Without doctors like Dr. Zackrison, we have no choice available.


With Dr. Z’s protocol along with Nurse Practitioner Wendy and Dr. Z’s entire staff – Iris, Misha, Jackie, and everyone else, my pain, illness and blood work is almost back to normal. Dr. Z said I could get healthy and I put my faith in her and her protocol. I believe in what she does because it works. I am only on natural thyroid (armour) medication and bio- identical hormones, no other drugs. I am indebted to Dr. Z’s help and commitment to take the functional medicine route to help her patients. Because of my journey with this kind of medicine, I am now a certified integrative nutrition health coach and want to pay it forward to help others get their health back, especially those who had so many infections, they developed autoimmunity.


In the mid to late 1990s I was in horrible pain that had been diagnosed as osteoarthritis, but about four internists and four rheumatologists said I better get used to the pain and learn to live with it because it wasn’t going to get better. Their only offering was arthritis pain medication, which did NOT help. The pain was awful from the top of my head to the tip of my toes. When I first consulted with Dr. Z she said yes, I did have arthritis, but it was not the source of the terrible pain I had. She explained that her philosophy of medicine was to find the cause of a problem and eliminate it rather than just treating symptoms. I was so relieved that finally one M.D. acknowledged that I really had pain and was determined to find the cause.

She has truly saved my life several times when other physicians misdiagnosed me (saying I had pleurisy when it was really a severe pulmonary embolism) and overprescribed blood pressure medication to the point where I was trying unsuccessfully to function with readings of 84/62. …I am certain I would have died a long time ago. She must be allowed to practice medicine using whatever methods she believes will help her patients. Any other course of action is a major curtailment of the FREEDOM that we deserve as Americans. Rather than being a backwater of stuck-in-the-mud antiquated medicine, the Commonwealth of Virginia needs to be at the forefront of innovative treatments such as those practiced by Dr. Zackrison!


Dr. Zackrison and her NPs treated my mother G.G. and were exceedingly kind and understanding with her. Mother had come from a very large family (11) and not had medical or dental care as a youngster so she was understandably not eager to see any medical person. Even though mother was reluctant to admit to having aches and pains, Dr. Z and her staff helped make the last 15 years of her life better with appropriate treatments. Mother passed away at 89. She was fortunate to have Dr. Z’s care until the day when God called her. I am grateful to Dr. Z for her care of mother. I am deeply disturbed by the uncalled for actions being taken by the Virginia Board of Medicine against Dr. Z.


Dr. Z treats my husband Alan and has identified inconsistencies and inappropriate actions taken by other medical personnel. Her superb knowledge of the chemical properties and interactions among various substances has saved my husband a lot of grief as he has a specific allergy that is troublesome. His physical and mental health is very complicated with many inherited issues. Dr. Z has been ferreting out all of these and treating them so my husband has a chance to enjoy life.


To Whom it May Concern:

I am writing to share how Dr. Leila Zackrison has helped me!!!!!! When I came to Dr. Z I was experiencing, in layman’s terms, over 200 tachycardia incidences in 1 and a half years. I went several times to the ER and they could do nothing. I suffered from insomnia for 10 plus years, I woke up in June 1992 with constant moderate to severe headaches 24/7, I had vertigo incidences, atypical seizures (as a neurologist called them, my mind would remain clear but I could not hold my body up from the neck down for periods of half hours, these alone were extremely frightening with a new born and a 1 year old.
Since I have been under her care, my tachycardia’s have reduced to extreme rarity with absolute less intensity and duration, I am sleeping with no sleep aids whatsoever and my headaches are mild almost all the time, with some moderate pain and absolutely rarely severe pain.
I am a work in progress because of the fact that I saw so many doctors over a period of 20 years that did not know what was wrong. Even when I was finally diagnosed with Lyme disease in 2006, they did nothing. I was diagnosed positive several times after through 2012 by different doctors with no one taking on the challenge to help me fight. But once I started experiencing the instantaneous spike in blood pressure with increased heart rates, shakes, dizziness, rapid onset of bowel movements, increased head pain, hands and fingers stiffening up, facial paralysis, wheezing and so much more, and instead of experiencing these horrific episodes (which would begin all of a sudden while hanging out with mom, eating dinner with friends, or watching a hallmark movie) every 3 years or so which started in 1998, I started having them several times a week or a few a day starting Jan 14, 2010, by a year and a half later, over 200 episodes, I said enough. I can live with all the pain my whole adult life but not with this. That is when I insisted on seeing a Lyme specialist. So you can see all she has accomplished, to take her away would be a huge mistake. I cannot stress this enough. Please leave her to practice because there are hardly any doctors out there willing to stick out their necks and try to help people in our situation. Or there are not enough doctors willing to go back to learn how to deal with these diseases. As one pioneer doctor said to me once, “it is the most complex disease we have ever experienced in the medical community”.



I’ve been a patient of Dr. Zackrison for almost two years, and if she will have me, plan to continue using her services as my physician for the rest of my life. I respect her not only as a doctor, but as a person of utmost integrity and the highest moral principles. That is why it has been especially irksome to me to hear that there are those who are questioning her intentions in treating her patients. I’ve never met a doctor who has cared so much for us as individuals and who works so hard to treat our medical conditions in the most complete and effective way.

I came to her to treat one specific condition (Lyme) but she has taken all aspects of my health into consideration and has helped me with everything from asthma to post-menopausal symptoms. Her recommendations are always practical — she’s done extensive research so you know without doubt that what she is suggesting is the best route to go. She’s an outstanding communicator, able to give us a real understanding of so complex a disease such as Lyme.

I earnestly hope her scientific brilliance will be recognized and valued, so she can continue to serve all those who are so much in need of her unique abilities and caring heart.


Words cannot express how much Dr. Z and her staff have helped both my wife and me during this extremely difficult period of our lives.

We both contracted Lyme disease, became physically debilitated, and saw many medical professionals to try and resolve the issue, but it wasn’t until we began visits with Dr. Z that we actually began to make progress.

Dr. Z doesn’t treat her patients as mere numbers – she treats all of them as real people and truly goes above and beyond to help them in every way possible. She’s extremely systematic in her approach, doesn’t give her patients more/less than is necessary, and she’s always looking at the health of her patients from a global, long-term perspective, so that she can help them not only succeed in the short term, but for life.


I became suddenly ill, overnight, in March 2015 with a variety of pain symptoms (peripheral neuropathy, back pain, joint pain, systemic tendonitis, and an intractable headache) plus terrible fatigue and malaise. After contracting mononucleosis presumably from Epstein Barr virus (both monospot and EBV titer were positive at the time), my body has never been the same.

I had a headache every day for 5 years- the first year and last years were the worst.

In between those 2 years, I was able to work. But I couldn’t for the first year- my immune system was suppressed enough for a year that I had terrible symptoms and went from working overtime hours as an RN every week while regularly exercising and being very active in social/family/community events to being unable to work or exercise at all and withdrawing from a lot of the other facets of life. That intractable headache was the worst symptom.

I think being on steroids for a few months that first year right after I developed those symptoms may have contributed to immune suppression and Lyme/co-infections becoming strong.

My symptoms improved for years 2, 3, 4 but then got worse. I met Dr. Zackrison after having these symptoms for 4 years. She treated me right away with IV antibiotics. Initially the headache became worse, but eventually it disappeared completely. She cured the intractable headache with aggressive treatment, and I am so happy and relieved. Thank you!


Dr. Z, thank you. You are not thanked enough for all you do. I came to you two years ago a shadow of myself, a broken woman breaking more each day, weak and desperate to get my life back.

Today I completed my second half marathon. When I crossed the finish line, all I could think was “Thank you!” Two years ago, getting out of bed was barely possible. Thank you for your love, care, stable hand, and fierce determination. I am thankful for the education you have given me.

I wake up each day thankful not to be in pain, for the little things. Know that your work gives life; I am proof of it. I am thankful for my health because it is now giving me the ability to pursue my passions and spend time
with family. My family thanks you too for bringing me back to them


I became an invalid from an unknown disease in 2000. Doctors could not find the cause. By the grace of God I diagnosed myself and began traveling 14 hours from home to see Dr. Joseph Burrascano, widely recognized as the world’s foremost Lyme specialist. He confirmed that I had Lyme, though I did not test positive until 18 months of treatment. Over the many years I saw him I gradually improved, but had reached a plateau and was still in great pain. When he closed his practice I was terrified of reverting to my previous condition (which was worse than death). He sent me to Dr. Zackrison. Her methods were very different than Dr. Burrascano’s and I was very skeptical, but in a short while I could see she had an insight into human health far beyond any doctor I had ever met. She not only kept me from reverting to my former condition, she brought me far beyond the plateau at which I had stalled. Her tender care gave me back my life; gave me back to my family. Not only has her healing heart and hand relieved my suffering, she has cured my son of problems that other doctors could not. I have raved so about her skills that family and friends have claimed her as their own and been cured of both minor and serious illnesses that other doctors had been unable to cure.
I have seen her work early, late and through lunch to accommodate her patients, and yet remain always cheerful, no matter the strain, always patient, tender and kind. Dr. Zackrison could easily have more free time, more money and fewer headaches by simply allowing her to be pushed into the patient mill mentality possessed by the average doctor, but then she could not give life, hope, and health back to those who desperately need it. The injustice done against her by those who possess not one tenth of the knowledge and compassion as does she, is an injustice to us all who rely on her for our very lives. As such, this fight is not only hers, but ours. We have been helped; do we now abandon those who come behind us to the mediocrity of the medical profession? No, we each have not only a stake in this, we have a duty; we cannot leave an angel of mercy to fight our battle alone. Pray for her to have the strength to bear the load she carries for us.


I contracted Lyme Disease almost 20 years ago. Until 2009 I had seen over 40 different physicians in the Tidewater area, received over 20 different forms of treatment, and approximately 7 different diagnosis. (none for Lyme and none were effective). As a result, my health continued to rapidly deteriorate. What I was told on many visits was, “well you don’t have Lyme because your blood tests are negative.”

Dr. Zackrison is a relentless medical detective who carefully and seriously listens to the nuances of the medical problems and issues my body is presenting during every office visit. She has the amazing ability to quickly understand how those problems/issues relate to one another and to their impacts on each of the major systems in my body. Through those relational understandings and her extremely professional medical knowledge, she is able to design and prescribe the best appropriate treatment for me. Every problem is listened to and treated with the highest importance. I walk away feeling like I am being treated with genuine care, concern and respect — positive feelings of hope and healing. Dr. Zackrison takes the time to make written notes for me so that I can refer back to them. Consequently, I rarely have questions regarding my treatment protocol. I am blessed to have the opportunity to have Dr. Zackrison and her staff supporting me with the challenges of this insidious disease.


I came to Dr. Zackrison in September 2012. At the time I was an executive administrator for a large corporation with a lot of responsibility. Unexpected pain in my left hip, and knee joints were puzzling me. Certainly my 30 minute daily swim before work was not causing the problem. But my biggest concern was my struggle at work with concentration and fogginess, it only got worse. When my primary care physician informed me that some tests came back positive for Lyme disease and that I should contact a specialist, I wasted no time. Thus began my journey with the treatment of Lyme and other problems that resulted from my immune system being compromised. Dr. Zackrison took the time to explain the overall picture of my condition and how we could fight back and regain my good health. At first I felt overwhelmed; not only was the fog creating a problem, but I was in denial. So, I started bringing my daughter who was taking some courses on health and wellness to my appointments. She was so amazed at Dr. Z’s wealth of knowledge and approach. Dr Z wrote down instructions for me and my daughter took notes as well. We attacked Lyme, Babesiosis and other parasites using pharmaceuticals, homeopathic treatments, and herbs being careful to supplement my body and boost my immune system. It felt like I was at war. Neither Lyme nor Babesia have shown up in my latest tests. There are other issues that we are stilling working on, but, I feel like the clouds have lifted and we are winning this battle. What can I say except, Praise God for Dr. Zackrison and her team for their truly insightful approach to wellness.

I retired in June of 2013 and I’m enjoying every single day. Again – Thanks Dr Z!!


DrZ-Please accept these flowers as a token of my appreciation for what you have done for me for the past year. One thing I know now is that a disease may have a way of crippling a person but, it is up to the person to let the disease cripple him. You are intelligent, vibrant and multi-dimensional problem solver. Thank you.


I'll never know just how much time and effort you've dedicated to my unusually goofy body and all of it's stubbornness.I just want to tell you the appreciation I have for your dedication , time and hard work to get me well before I'm too old to enjoy it.!


Thank you for your expertise, support, and understanding in fighting the fight with me.


We are so thankful that God led us to you and your team when He did. thank you for being such a blessing to us, and for taking the time to invest in our health and our future. We see the hard work and effort you put into learning how best to treat the human body and the disease/issues we face. We are thankful for your efforts, as well as the improvement we are seeing with your treatments. We are looking forward to continued progress and healing with your guidance. Thank you for the interest you have shown in us, and for the effort you put forth, both seen and unseen, to help us get healthy.

J. & C.

To a good doctor!

M. J.

Thank you for all so much for your help! I have made a lot of progress and have been given hope that I can be healed from a difficult illness – all because of you guys. I pray often that you will all make the right decisions about us, your patients.


Dr. Z., her nurse practitioners, and staff: Your good care has given me 3 years now!

Love from W. L. R. & E.

To Dr. Z. and staff,

Thank each and every one of you for all that you have and are doing for our family. Also thank you for your patience throughout the years that you have shown. May you and your families have a blessed Christmas!


Dear Dr. Z.,

Thank you very much for taking good care of me again this year. You always give me hope with your study and research into new techniques. I know you put your heart into your practice and I know I am better for it. Best wishes to you and yours for a healthy, happy and peaceful 2014.

All the best,


Thanks for all of your caring and support in 2013.

S. F.

To Dr. Z. and all,

Thank you for everything. You are all awesome.


MC & T.Z.

Dr. Z.,

You made a difference.

There are too many words to express how great I think you are. I'm sorry I left your care the way I did but, it was too hard for me to face you and say good-bye.

You will always have a special place in my heart Dr. Z. You are one of the finest physicians and persons I've ever known.

I would recommend anyone into your caring hands. I will always have your back as a former patient if you ever need anything. I wish you the best in everything you do. You are awesome! And I miss your things!

All my love,


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