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Nutritional Consultation

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Among the many services that we offer is a nutritional consultation. We employ medical professionals that can call upon various resources such as technology or extensive experience to help provide our clients with the information and advice that they need. Health issues such as obesity or various blood sugar problems can often be treated or drastically reduced in severity through a correct diet. Practitioners all work with you to find the eating pattern that best meets your health needs. Specific diets, which are usually ineffective, are rarely used for weight loss. Education is key and specific skill building related to healthy eating is emphasized. Behavioral change is a slow steady process that gets you to your goal.

Our nutritional consultation and recommendation is based on the use of whole, organic foods to restore metabolic balance. Our philosophy of healthy nutrition and education is to find the ideal diet and lifestyle suited to each individual. We also use a special software program that analyzes nutritional intake and provides a detailed profile of deficiencies. Whether the goal is weight loss or healing, this program allows us to plan highly customized diets, targeting the specific needs of each person.

19 Years in Practice

Our firm understands the severity of the situation that you face; we have helped many people in the past to once again attain healthy living, and we can put this experience to work for you. At Optimal Health Dimensions, we are dedicated to helpful solutions, and we have a long history of success in the situations that we have handled in the past. If you are suffering a health issue, then do not wait to retain our medical assistance. Our holistic doctors in Virginia will take the time to understand your situation, and we will work to help you pursue a healthier lifestyle in order to better your future. Seek our skilled assistance in your situation today!

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