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Healthy Baby Project

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As our environment has become increasingly toxic, the incidence of childhood illness is on the rise. Childhood cancer rates have been going up about 1% per year for the past 20 years. Nearly 1% of US kids have autism. About 1 of every 600 children will develop Type 1 Diabetes and its incidence has been rising about 4% per year since the 1970's. A full 5% of US Children have ADD. There are many various medical issues effecting our children today, if you are planning pregnancy, then you may greatly benefit from the medical assistance that we can provide. Speak to one of our holistic doctors in Virginia to find out more.

According to the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth Child Cohort, chronic childhood health problems such as obesity, asthma, allergies, learning and behavioral problems more than doubled over the 12-year period from 1992 to 2006.Everybody knows that a good prenatal vitamin promotes wellness in your developing baby just like we know that good nutrition during pregnancy gives your baby the best possible start in life. Your developing baby eats what you eat. But did you know that you share whatever is in your body with your baby? If you have an abundance of heavy metals, environmental toxins, or microbial toxins from an overgrowth of candida, strep, or parasites your developing baby potentially suffers from that exposure.

Promoting Wellness in Pre-Pregnant Mothers

Our holistic doctors can help your baby come into this world with the best possible chance to thrive and be well by helping you detoxify and fortify your baby's first home, you, before you become pregnant. At Optimal Health Dimensions, we are dedicated to helpful medical assistance, and we can put our extensive knowledge and experience to work for you. Your situation is important to us. Contact us today to schedule an appointment today to obtain the assistance that you need in your situation.

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