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Holistic Treatments We Offer

Proudly Providing Integrative Medicine in Virginia

Your health is important to us and we will not rest until we have helped you figure out a solution to your ailments. At Optimal Health Dimensions, we pride ourselves on caring, listening, and providing personalized solutions. If you are suffering from a medical impairment, or affliction, our Virginia integrative medicine practice is dedicated to helping you achieve results to better your future. We employ highly-skilled healthcare practitioners which allows our patients to glean from a variety of therapy options as well as extensive medical knowledge and experience. Our holistic doctors are dedicated to providing excellent services for our patients, and we can put our experience to work for you if you choose to take advantage of our services.

We offer the following therapeutics to our clients:

Intravenous Light Therapy

If you are suffering from an illness that is causing severe pain, our providers offer a therapy that can help relieve those symptoms using an intravenous delivery system that delivers UVA light, green and red light waves to the individual directly through the vein.

Bio-identical Hormone Therapy - The Rejuvenated You Therapy (RYT) Approach
If you are facing a hormone deficiency of estrone, estradiol, or testosterone to name a few, then you may greatly benefit from the option of Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. This is the process by which your hormones are targeted and matched on a molecular level, and then replaced with identical hormones to supplement a deficiency.

Healthy Baby Project
There are too many cases where mothers before pregnancy were not detoxed or properly prepared for the joyful event of a pregnancy resulting in an un-well baby or child that later develops undesirable medical issues. With our years of experience, we can help you pursue a healthy lifestyle and prepare your body to an optimal level to receive and nourish your unborn baby.

IV Therapies
There is a variety of different issues that can be solved through various IV nutrient/mineral and antimicrobial therapies. In the case of dehydration, an IV can be used to quickly hydrate a human body. IVs can be used to supplement nutrients, minerals, and vitamins or quickly insert antibacterial medicine, or used for detoxification purposes through flushing the system.

Nutritional Consultation
All our providers have extensive experience and medical skill in nutritional and lifestyle modification to provide you with a better understanding of the human body and how it responds to the fuel given. There are many different medical issues that can be solved by healthy nutrition choices, and exercise. You will greatly benefit from the information gleaned from our skilled medical staff.

More Therapeutics We Offer

Besides our most popular therapeutics mentioned above, we also provide many other therapies to address and improve your unique health needs. Even when you can't put a finger on what health problem is plaguing you, we can listen to your symptoms and prescribe the therapies and medications that could most likely benefit you. Don't try to troubleshoot your health conditions on your own or by simply going off of the tips you find on Google. We are certified experts that can provide you with the proven and beneficial therapies you need.

These therapies include the following:

  • UV Light Infusion Therapy
  • Allergy Elimination
  • Bio-Mat Therapy
  • Chelation Therapy
  • Clinical Age Management & Optimization
  • Colon Hydrotherapy
  • Electrodermal Testing
  • Genetic Testing
  • Heavy Metal Detoxification
  • Herbal Therapy
    • Oral
    • IV
  • Homeopathy Therapy
    • Oral
    • Injections
    • Intravenous Therapies
  • IV Nutrient, Detoxification Therapies
  • Joint Injections
  • Lyme Disease & Co-Infections Treatment
  • Medical Therapies
    • Conventional Allopathic, Integrative, Functional & Anti-Aging Medicine (CAIFA)
  • Trigger Point Injections
  • Weight Management & Metabolic Testing

Why choose Optimal Health Dimensions? Virginia integrative medicine you can trust!

At Optimal Health Dimensions, we care about your unique situation and will not approach improving your health with any cookie-cutter tactics. Our work ethic and character is something we prize above all else.

What makes us stand apart, is that we will do the following:

  • Help you take charge of your health and medical care decisions
  • Help you to feel empowered instead of disenfranchised
  • Help you manage your stress and fears and to enhance your peace of mind
  • Show respect and understand your values, feelings, and choices
  • Not only treat your condition, but your entire person
  • Take into account the underlying causes of your condition, considering factors such as the environment
  • Use a comprehensive care approach, taking advantage of several tools, resources and therapies
  • Give you individualized and targeted care that considers your unique situation and personal health
  • Provide humane and caring medical services that takes into account your body, mind and spirit
  • Choose safe and non-toxic therapies whenever possible
  • Take into account how our treatment will affect you in both the short and long-term
  • Help you manage and reduce your pain through safe and non-toxic treatments
  • Choose treatments that will most benefit you and therapies that are most effective
  • Do everything within our power to enhance and improve your lifestyle
  • Use treatment that prevents disease recurrence or at least extends your disease free time
  • Support and strengthen your sense of well-being
  • Help you choose hope over hopelessness and despair
  • Provide you with plans and goals throughout your wellness journey
  • Help you rebuild, nourish and sustain your health--not just attempt to rid you of your disease
  • Help you protect, support, and stimulate all of your body systems and functions
  • Choose treatments that can effectively get rid of your disease, but that won't have damaging effects
  • Help you develop effective coping strategies
  • Address the small and large traumatic experiences you have undergone as a result of your condition
  • Help you cultivate a supportive and healing relationship with your practitioners
  • Use integrative medicine when the other treatments are worse than your condition itself, when there is little therapeutic benefit from other treatments or when the known risks are higher than the benefits
  • Help you find meaning, grow, and develop emotionally, psychologically and spiritually
  • Help you maximize your confidence, addressing your health, recovery, survival, quality of life and peace of mind in both the short-term and the long-term

Looking for a holistic doctor in Virginia? We can help!

Your medical concerns are important to us, and we can put our first-hand knowledge to work for you. Are you looking for a holistic doctor in Virginia? Contact us today to schedule an evaluation so we can begin the process of retaining the medical assistance that you need. Don't delay in getting the counsel and guidance you need to pursue a healthier, happier life. We care about your life and your future, which is why we use integrative medicine to heal both your mind and body. By choosing Optimal Health Dimensions, you will be in the safe hands you can trust. Visit our Fairfax medical center today at 3930 Pender Drive, Suites #260 and #280!

11166 Fairfax Boulevard, Suite #405 Fairfax, Virginia  22030
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