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The Benefits of Reflexology

For those experiencing pain or stress, are pregnant, or are suffering certain medical conditions, reflexology can be an effective way to achieve a more comfortable life. In this blog, our Virginia holistic doctors take a look at some of the main benefits of reflexology – to learn more about how reflexology can benefit you, contact us today!

Improving Nerve Function

The sensitivity of your nerve endings can decrease as you age, especially in the hands and feet. Reflexology involves stimulating the nerve endings in these areas, and throughout your body – more than 7000 nerve endings are typically stimulated in a single session, which in turn can help increase their function.

Increasing Your Energy Levels

Reflexology helps support the functions of many organs and muscles in your body. This can help increase your metabolism, the process through which your body turns food into energy.

Improve Circulation

Reflexology's ability to improve your circulation is well-documented, and helps your blood bring more oxygen to your body's vital organs. Not only can this help support an increase in energy, but can also help you heal from injury or illness faster.

Help Your Body Remove Toxins

Your body removes many toxins through your urinary tract, but these toxins can still build up in this area over time. Reflexology helps to improve the function of your bladder, and is also associated with a decrease in urinary tract problems. This helps support your body's natural toxin removal process!

Speed Up Healing

By increasing your circulation and improving your nerve function, reflexology will, in turn, help you heal faster. For this reason, reflexology can be very beneficial for those going through rehabilitation or physical therapy.

These are just a few of the powerful benefits of reflexology. To learn more about how reflexology can benefit you, call our Virginia holistic doctors today at (703) 359-9300.

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