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Integrative Medicine in Virginia

Treating Your Body, Mind, & Spirit

Are you living in perpetual pain, have horrible fatigue, or medical concerns? There are many causes to various afflictions or ailments suffered by people every day. Virginia integrative medicine could be the solution for you.

At Optimal Health Dimensions, we are dedicated to excellent service, and effective solutions to help you obtain a solution to your health issue. We employ a variety of healing techniques that are time-tested and proven to produce favorable results. We understand the uniqueness of your medical situation and health concern, and we are here to help you overcome the obstacles that you face.

What is integrative medicine?

Integrative medicine is a blend of evidence-based medicine and alternative medicine. Integrative medicine is designed to treat a person, not just a condition. It is a holistic approach. We provide treatments such as IV therapies, which bring great relief to many patients. Our integrative medicine approach also includes a healthy baby project, aiming to reduce and minimize the chances of childhood illnesses. We also offer nutritional consultation for advanced health issues, targeting common issues such as obesity and elevated blood sugar levels. Another area that requires specific holistic training is bio-identical hormone therapy. Our Rejuvenated You Therapy (RYT) includes hormones identical to that of which your body produces, not synthetic or hazardous products.

At Optimal Health Dimensions, we don't just treat your body, we treat your mind, body and spirit. We understand that a health condition can adversely affect all aspects of yourself and your life, which is why we don't believe in a cookie-cutter approach. We evaluate each person's sickness and situation and treat them accordingly. While we may use some unconventional treatments, we use therapies that have received high-quality support. We do not replace mainstream medicine, we simply use alternative treatments alongside of more traditional approaches. To quote from WebMD,

What makes integrative medicine appealing? Advocates point to deep dissatisfaction with a health care system that often leaves doctors feeling rushed and overwhelmed and patients feeling as if they're nothing more than diseased livers or damaged joints. Integrative medicine seems to promise more time, more attention, and a broader approach to healing -- one that is not based solely on the Western biomedical model, but also draws from other cultures.

Integrative medicine follows the below principles:

  • A partnership between patient and practitioner
  • A blend of conventional and alternative treatments
  • A consideration of all factors that influence health, wellness and disease (mind, spirit, body and community)
  • A recognition that good medicine should be open to new paradigms
  • A use of natural and less-invasive treatment whenever possible
  • Encourages health and wellness alongside of treating disease

Optimal Health Dimensions employs state-of-the-art, conventional medical treatments with other therapies that have been shown to be effective and safe. Studies conducted at Duke Integrative Medicine shows that patients who participated in integrative medicine programs realized more profound health benefits than patients who simply received conventional treatment only.

In our experience, patients are looking for physical strength, comfort, vigor, vitality and a strong immunity (all physical aspects of good health), as well as cheerfulness, confidence, calmness, resilience to stress (all emotional aspects of good health), insight, awareness, good memory (all mental aspects of good health), wisdom, compassion (all spiritual aspects of good health), fellowship and harmonious relationships (all social aspects of good health). If you are dissatisfied with poor service and the same approaches, speak with a physician from Optimal Health Dimensions today! We are conveniently located in Fairfax and serve all of Virginia!

Statistics on Who Uses Integrative Medicine

According to research done by the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM), approximately 38% of adults (about 4 in 10) and approximately 12% of children (about 1 in 9) are using some form of complementary and/or alternative medicine (CAM). The most commonly used CAM therapies include deep breathing exercises, chiropractic and osteopathic, meditation, massage therapy and yoga. Natural products (such as herbal treatments) are also a big component of CAM treatment.

Complementary and alternative medicine has been used to treat or prevent such conditions as diabetes, cancer, back pain, Fibromyalgia and functional bowel disease. It's growing popularity has been described as a "hidden mainstream in American medicine."

In the words of, "For those suffering from debilitating pain or a condition doctors can't seem to treat, alternative medicine may offer some form of relief or simply help patients deal with life-changing health problems. Even healthy people may participate in practices like yoga and homeotherapy to try to manage their health more holistically or avoid the chemicals used in standard drugs." Many Americans also turn to CAM because they are disillusioned by the current healthcare system.

One study found that 60% of respondents who used CAM for back pain said they perceived a great deal of benefit. Another study of veterans with chronic non-cancer pain found that more than 80% reported using CAM. A study of individuals struggling with back pain and headaches who turned to CAM for solutions found that "nearly all patients with previous experience with CAM currently use CAM in both conditions (93.6% in headache; 100% in lower back pain)."

Integrative medicine is the best of both worlds because it combines proven, conventional medicine with complementary and alternative medicine, which strives to support the mind, body, spirit and community and promote healing, going beyond simply treating an illness and treating a person as a whole.

Assistance from our Holistic Doctors in Virginia

If you are suffering from various ailments listed under "Conditions We Treat", then you may greatly benefit from the assistance that we can offer. With more than 20 years of experience, we understand how to assess your situation and work to provide you with the best solution possible. With access to many highly-skilled practitioners with a wealth of knowledge and experience, you can be sure that working with our clinic will produce results like few other healthcare providers can achieve. Without integrative medicine approach, we think outside the box, consider all options, employ a wide variety of interventions, and work to help our patients through the situation that they face, and on toward a better happy future.

If you are looking for integrative medicine in Virginia, our center could be the right choice for you. Not only do we offer skilled assistance in the medical issue that you face, but we are intent on educating our patients how to pursue a healthier lifestyle. We handle numerous and a wide variety of health situations so we can put our extensive knowledge and experience to work for you if you choose to work with us. Utilizing experience and implementing methods to discover and assess your situation allows us to provide medical assistance to you in ways that few other healthcare providers can match. Seek the assistance of our Virginia holistic doctors for your healthcare concerns today!

Visit our testimonials page to find out what our patients have to say about Optimal Health Dimensions, and visit us on Google+ to find a map and leave us a review!

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