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Integrative Medicine in Virginia

Treating Your Body, Mind, & Spirit

Are you living in perpetual pain, have horrible fatigue, or medical concerns? There are many causes to various afflictions or ailments suffered by people every day. Virginia integrative medicine could be the solution for you.

At Optimal Health Dimensions, we are dedicated to excellent service, and effective solutions to help you obtain a solution to your health issue. We employ a variety of healing techniques that are time-tested and proven to produce favorable results. We understand the uniqueness of your medical situation and health concern, and we are here to help you overcome the obstacles that you face.

What is integrative medicine?

Integrative medicine is a blend of evidence-based medicine and alternative medicine. Integrative medicine is designed to treat a person, not just a condition. It is a holistic approach. We provide treatments such as IV therapies, which bring great relief to many patients. Our integrative medicine approach also includes a healthy baby project, aiming to reduce and minimize the chances of childhood illnesses. We also offer nutritional consultation for advanced health issues, targeting common issues such as obesity and elevated blood sugar levels. Another area that requires specific holistic training is bio-identical hormone therapy. Our Rejuvenated You Therapy (RYT) includes hormones identical to that of which your body produces, not synthetic or hazardous products.

At Optimal Health Dimensions, we don't just treat your body, we treat your mind, body and spirit. We understand that a health condition can adversely affect all aspects of yourself and your life, which is why we don't believe in a cookie-cutter approach. We evaluate each person's sickness and situation and treat them accordingly. While we may use some unconventional treatments, we use therapies that have received high-quality support. We do not replace mainstream medicine, we simply use alternative treatments alongside of more traditional approaches. For more information about the services we provice, click here.

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